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Horn Society

“Concert 2015” in Hamamatsu

Horn Society was formed in November 2003. This Society consists of 51 members; Mr. Yohtaro Sugino who is professional French horn player and the other are his students. All students are amateur French horn player and they live in various regions in Japan (some are living abroad!). It is hard to meet all members at one time, however, they practice French horn ensemble at various locations and provide Horn Society Concert every year.

Yohtaro Sugino

Mr. Yohtaro Sugino studied French horn under Prof. Yoshio Ohno at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music in Japan, and studied chamber music under Prof. Ryohei Nakagawa and Prof. Hiroyuki Yasumoto. Mr. Sugino has played the French horn at some orchestras and chamber groups, and he has been active as an instructor of wind bands. Additionally, he is a member of Bud Brass Quintet.

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